gorgeous cover art for never grow up submitted by the lovely and talented s-gamma.

made me cry when i saw it… <3

oh now my friends will never grow up

they wont ever grow up

they were still so little…

So anime…

but still, cute U__U


So I was making that kawaii 33 frames gif of Karkat grabbing Jade’s boobs… and photoshop died. And I forgot to save it. 

So before I jump off a cliff, 

Anonymous asked you:

Bom dia! I uh, I love your art and I was wondering if maybe you could draw some Tavros<3Nepeta. If not, that’s cool too.” 

Bom dia?! Anon, are you brazilian or just being a cutie? If you are, BE FRIENDS WITH ME. (if you aren’t and want to be my friend that’s cool too <3 dskjfhg but I don’t know almost anyone that likes HS around here T_T) 

Awww ; v ;


High Res

Trolls! Oh man this part took a while, thanks everybody for bearing with me. I still need to tweak a lot of the progression as I was just sort of eyeballing it the entire way, but I tried to make it at least a bit consistent. It’s really difficult to emulate camera movement like this, but the point of this project is to try new things. Next update will have the music added! Animated in Photoshop CS5.


I got a LITTLE excited to color some glowing bloods…