A tharja doodle from like a month ago

idk i just felt like finishing it, also i had to redesign her stupi d outfit a little

When these two do the thing with their pants i

So today i had sudden urge to draw a female gaius???


Just finished Radiant dawn in like two days

these two has ruined my life btw


excuse me its just all that mega stuff just reminded me of my sweet darling blaziken so i was sobbin over here ever since ;___;


Basically the cutest thing!



I said i wont post about this shit anymore



trufax this is like my all-time favourite fanart of latula and i had to dig it out of the depths of my blog just to admire the sheer perfection


Oh my god thank you so much

There`s absolutely nothing in my head right now 


haha quick scribble to learn how to paint!

also yveltal is really awesome i love it already its like love @ first sight u feel me bro

huh huh u feel me right

AAAAA Happy new year everybody!♥


this thing was sitting on my desktop for 3 months ( ̄へ ̄)

too lazy to finishhhhhh


One layer fun woooooo!  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

you know, those sort of doodles that turn into something serious?

lmao nah i just wanted to try something new and draw something random and YUS


Man, i ‘kinda’ feel sorry for my homestuck followers
but sorry bitches i probably won`t post about it anymore

Here`s something back from a few months ago when meenah became officially one of my favorites ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

practice doodles to get me back again!

man i didn’t really enjoy the game first, but now i’m digging the shit out of it!!

so good!

just arrived to undella town and 2 more badges to go nuuuhhh