art trade with mtcoronett!!

she wanted touko and touya doing cute stuff lol ; ; ;;

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Because I’m always getting requests for some Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova landscapes.





idk i wanted to draw the poke boys :’)


watch out dude, that shit is a dragon

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(full view is a good idea)

So! i decided to do a little pokemon countdown with myself! /lmaofuckk

i drew some new characters and some are old

basically, the point was to challenge myself to draw something for 10 days straight (27 sept - 6 oct) regardless of my busy week, school, or mood and ability to do so

and as you can see from day 3 ‘til day 5 i got Artblocked, hahhh ~v~;;

the first 5 days wasn’t really fun, but i enjoyed the last 5! ^^ /even though some results looks bad i know

anyway it was really fun and i’m glad i did it

Pokemon Black2 and White2 got released today and i’m flippin’ about it alone here naahahaaaa (9; v ;6)